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Bowl-A-Rama PAIR

$ 14.95
BOWL-A-RAMA Playing Cards - RED and BLACK PAIR

Embodied with a cool retro vibe, the Red and Black Bowl-A-Rama Decks are a unique and exciting pair of fully-custom Playing Cards. Beautifully printed by the Legends Playing Card Co. with their exceptional Classic Finish.

The Back Cards are colorful and feature 2 unique designs - a head-to-head design for the Red Deck, and a center-based design for the Black Deck. The Numbers Cards emulate the look of an overhead view of a Bowling Pins setup. The custom PIPS are arranged in different scoring leaves, and each Number Card has a unique Team Name towards the top (80 different Team Names in total!). The Courts for the Bowl-A-Rama Decks further enhance the FUN aspect of the design. Each Court character is dressed up in their favorite Bowling attire (crowns and all!) and is ready for a night of Spares & Strikes!

The Tuck Boxes are colorful and exciting. The Bowl-A-Rama Logo design is inspired by Bowling Alley Signs from the '50s and '60s. Each Tuck features a premium paper stock with a UV Spot Ink overlay in selective areas. The Tuck Boxes also feature Interior Printing of an overhead view of a Bowling Lane. A fun design for any Bowling night!