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$ 7.95
COSMIC LANES Playing Cards

The Cosmic Lanes Deck is the futuristic and totally awesome variation of the Bowl-A-Rama Decks! Beautifully printed by the Legends Playing Card Co. on Plastic Stock and with a GLOW-IN-THE-DARK layer on the Tuck Box AND all of the Face Cards.

The Back Card is a colorful center-based design with a vibe of a Cosmic Bowling night. The Numbers Cards emulate the look of an overhead view of a Bowling Pins setup. The custom PIPS are arranged in different scoring leaves, and each Number Card has an some rings of "Light" circles. When riffled in new-Deck order, the Light circles are animated (just like a Stop Motion Animation)!

The Tuck Box is colorful, exciting and Glows-In-The-Dark. The Tuck Box features Interior Printing of an overhead view of a Bowling Lane with the blue-tinted coloration, similar to the Face Cards. The Cosmic Lanes Tuck has a hefty dose of an 80's vibe. Growing up during the '80s may have given me a bias towards believing it's one of the best decades ever!