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The KING of TIGERS Gold Playing Cards:

The Back Card for the KING of TIGERS Gold Deck features a striking and symmetrical pattern that’s printed with a Gold Holographic Effects Foil, resulting in a wild and adventurous look! The pattern for the Back Card extends out to the edges, creating a mesmerizing Borderless design. Printed by Legends Playing Card Co., with their China printer, the KING of TIGERS Gold Deck utilizes their exceptional Classic Finish.

The KING of TIGERS Tuck Box features Black Foil, Gold Holographic Effects Foil and a Clear Spot UV that’s interspersed with Silver Glitter Flakes. Besides a gorgeous look, the Tuck Box has a unique physical texture to it. The bold Tiger face on the Tucks includes a subtle horseshoe mustache (a nod to the crazy source of inspiration).

The Face Cards for The KING of TIGERS Deck are semi-custom - standard Courts with gold, blue and silver “glitter” outfits with the same pattern from the Backs. Gold PIPs for the Hearts and Diamonds and Black PIPs for the Spades and Clubs (also with subtle patterns within). The custom Jokers feature the horseshoe mustache Tiger (1 Gold version, 1 Blue version). The Face Cards are printed in 4CProcess.

The look of the Tuck Box and Back Card is truly unique. Something I’ve never seen before!! Depending on lighting and angle of viewing, various shades of Gold, Reddish Orange and Green appear in spectacular luminescence. The KING of TIGERS Gold Deck is a perfect way to liven up any game night!