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SLOTS Lucky 7 Deck

$ 10.95

The Lucky 7 Casino Deck is a premium casino-style Deck that’s inspired by the original Slot Machine symbols. The Number 7 icon is subtilely highlighted throughout the design.

The Tuck Box is printed on a premium matte paper stock and has intricate design elements in Gold Foil and Red Foil. A Slot Machine adorns the front panel, and all nine of the original Slot Machine symbols are seen on the sides (with the Number 7 icon accented in Gold Foil). Contained within the Tuck Box interior is a printed pattern of Slot Machines and shapes of Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades.

The Back Card for the Lucky 7 Casino Deck utilizes a Metallic Gold ink and two Pantone colors. The Face Cards feature a Metallic Gold ink and three Pantone colors. The Ace of Spade is headlined by a Vegas-style showgirl, and the Jokers feature a unique old-school style Slot Machine with the Number 7 symbol and colors spotlighted. Each semi-custom Court Card exudes luxury with the unique border treatment, but remains extremely playable with the Court artwork we all know and love.

The Lucky 7 Casino Deck emanates class and sophistication for any performance or game night!